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About the founder of Vendar

16 years ago I become fascinated with eBay.
A friend was selling old Nintendo games and it was exciting watching people bid at the last minute.

At the time I had a job and career I hated and I started to calculate – what if I could make the same money selling online.
This lead me to begin searching for my very first product to sell.

At the time, all those years ago – most businesses got their kick start on platforms like eBay and it gave them a good indication of whether it was a successful enough product that it warranted opening a website.

Like a lot of people I lost faith in the direction of eBay and after so many years left the platform.

It was seeing so many people post on Facebook how hard it was to get sales that made me think about opening my own Multivendor Marketplace.
My goal is to help businesses get their name out there and help them to get more sales and hopefully give them the kickstart their business needs.

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With new Vendars joinging every day - our product range is getting larger by the day.

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We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential

By networking with specialists in digital marketing and online business we are able to provide our vendars with the ultimate selling tools.

Meet Our Leaders

Vendar wasn't built in a day and here are the founding members that made it all happen.


Trayci McConville

Founder & CEO Vendar


Jacinta Thomas



Leeha Denahm

Executive Content Writer

Mark Renyolds